Thred Live Training

Let’s figure it out together.

At Thred, we love authentic spiritual conversations.

And we think these conversations are richest when people of different backgrounds and experiences come together where they feel safe to share their thoughts and are empowered to add their point of view to the mix. What better place to start such a conversation than online?

When we make space to connect with one another, we create a beautiful opportunity for human interaction that leads to meaningful conversations and personal growth. This is our goal at Thred, as we work to consciously connect our spiritual lives with our internet presence.

These upcoming live trainings offer you the chance to join like-minded Christians and explore how you share your story of faith through meaningful spiritual conversation online.

Thred Webinar

You have a digital voice

Christians are called to “be witnesses” to the ends of the earth—this includes our digital spaces. This 45-minute Live Training is an opportunity for you to take a more intentional look at your digital interactions. You will learn practical tips and tools to use social media and your devices to share your faith with confidence and joy.

Thred Digital Cohorts

Your Digital Voice

Use your digital voice for faith-filled conversations? Challenging or exciting? Join the discussion with like-minded Christians interested in using their social media and devices to share their faith. This live training offers two 45-minute sessions where you’ll learn about the digital voice that’s uniquely yours and process with others how to confidently engage in spiritual conversations online.